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Posted on March 22, 2012 at 4:50 AM


• 5 in 1 Association aims to fellowship, encourage one another, teach, train and equip people in ministry on the fundamental foundations of faith, pitfalls of ministry, evangelism, church protocol, church politics, missions, 5 fold ministry office gifts, ministry leadership and development. 5 in 1 Association ‘s aim is also to have a “kingdom” focus.


• 5 in 1 Association is for all people in ministry to help strengthen and encourage them. We aim to cross all denominational barriers, open to all in ministry who are seeking “Fathers in the faith”. In saying this, we are NOT here to personally finance you or your ministry/church. We are here for your spiritual covering.


• 5 in 1 Association aims that all those on the managing committee, freely be able to go and minister at all members churches around the nation, (cross denominationally) and strengthen each other in the faith. Then to bring back a report to 5 in 1 Association committee on how they found each of the churches they ministered too, and how/if we as an association can further help or not.


• 5 in 1 Association is not a denomination. Each church/ Pastor/ Evangelist/ Missionary that joins 5in1 Association will remain autominous in their own ministry and will not be governed by 5in1 Association, but rather be accountable to their own board and/or elders. However each member will still be covered under the umbrella of the 5in1 Association. If there are issues in any member’s church with elders, board members or false doctrine etc, if requested, then 5in1 Association governing leadership will step in to help try and resolve the issue from a correct theological viewpoint.


• 5in1 Association recognises the calling, ministerial giftings and function of each individual member that joins. (Pastor, Evangelist, Missionary and 5 fold office gift holder).


• 5 in 1 Association does NOT ask a monthly tithe from any of our members. (if any church wishes to send donations to the mother body – they are gratefully received) however this association will not be asking for any tithe.


• 5 in 1 Association aims to hold a once a year conference of which all those members attending will pay accordingly to come (due to the fact that we ask such a small fee for yearly membership).


• Every new candidate that would like to join up must be recommended by a fellow 5in1 Association member that will give testimony to their faith in Jesus Christ and ministerial function.


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