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Ephesians 4: 11


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Quotes A few nights later in another area of Durban city we were doing another 7 day crusade in a strong Indian area, and experienced a very strong devout Hindu guru priestess come to one of the meetings while being seated in a wheelchair. Dr Des was speaking that night about having no other idols?. As she went forward to receive salvation, Des went down to talk to her. He said mam, do you really understand what I am saying about having no other idols, and that Jesus Christ is the son of God, and that he is the one and only true God. She said to Des young man, I have heard the gospel many times. I have even had great men of God in the Christian circle come and talk to me, even pray for me, but tonight as you were speaking I felt something spiritual fall from my eyes, and that I could clearly see the truth of the Gospel for the first time, that Jesus Christ was truly the son of God!? After saying the sinners prayer of salvation, she was anointed with oil and walked from her wheelchair. Quotes
Dr Roslynn Sinclair
Hindu priestess miracle

Quotes It was very hot and muggy in Moputo, We ended up staying 3 days there, as we still had to clear our truck from Customs, and have a diesel mechanic come and fix our truck. One of the three days that we stayed at The Oasis, Dr Des went down to the Customs to argue and debate with the Customs officers, he told me how he met up with a Moslem truck driver, and how he ended up talking with ? and then praying for this guy in the name of JESUS. God told Des that he had years earlier stood on a land mine and had badly damaged it. (That was a miracle on its own, as by rights, he should have blown it completely to pieces???but by the grace of God!) God made this Moslem truckee?s foot grow to the same size as his other one (as one was obviously shorter than the other) and Des told him how it was ?JESUS? who had heard him ? and was the true way to God, and NOT ?Mohammed? . This guy then ended up saying the sinners prayer. PRAISE THE LOR Quotes
Dr Roslynn Sinclair
Mozambique miracle

Quotes While praying for people in the hospital, Des prayed for an old gentleman in his 60?s that had a stroke and whose arm was all deformed because of the stroke and paralyzed right down one side of his body. After Dr Des Sinclair had prayed for this guy, he then straightened out his arm that was paralyzed and deformed, and could move it completely around with ease and no pain. That man was weeping like a baby he was so blessed. There was much praise that went up from the inmates that day. Quotes
Dr Roslynn Sinclair

Quotes There was one guy that said he had schizophrenia, heard voices speaking to him and saw demons. He told Des after the meeting that as Des was still preaching ? the spirits left him and that he didn?t hear voices any more, but sat there to here the gospel with soundness of mind and peace. All glory be to God! Quotes
Dr Roslynn Sinclair

Quotes JOHANNESBURG MENS PRISON: Words cannot describe what happened in the prison when we went to visit the inmates. There was approx 250 seated waiting for us in the courtyard ready to hear from God. They had a fantastic men?s quire ready for us that sung approx 4 songs. It was a very hot day that Saturday, but none of the inmates chose to leave ? even though they were seated in the middle of the courtyard in direct sunlight. Instead of getting burnt, they all put either hats on or newspapers over their heads and stayed put for the word of God the whole time. We had approx 60 salvations that day. We also prayed after the word for different inmates that had sickness in their bodies. Many of them had the Holy Spirit come upon them and were then slain in the spirit. The guards weren?t worried with what they saw when the some of the inmates were falling under the Holy Spirit, and there were no hassles or confusion with any of the inmates. We also had some deliverance take place . Quotes
Dr Roslynn Sinclair
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